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*When uploading your video, please make sure you have a solid internet connection and wait until you receive a success message before going to another page. Please do not refresh page while uploading file. The longer your video, the longer it will take to upload; a good video length would be around 1 minute long.

**To share via dropbox, please upload your video to your dropbox account and copy the share link for the file, then paste it into the "dropbox share link" field.

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We’re excited to partner together as a StoneRidge family in a brand-new initiative that seeks to embrace what God has already sent us to do – To Be Bold and Proclaim Christ!

The “Bold Move” initiative is intended to celebrate all opportunities – large and small, to boldly proclaim the life transforming gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and then share those experiences with each other. So, whether it’s an attempt to tell someone about Jesus by engaging in conversation at the bus stop, or finally introducing yourself to that neighbour, all of them are bold moves! Who knows? You might be the first link in the chain that will lead that person to Christ! All are bold moves to live out the gospel, and all can be used by God to encourage us to step out, Be Bold and Proclaim Christ!

So this spring and summer, wherever you go – at home, work, on vacation, or wherever, let’s share those experiences and encourage each other to step out of our comfort zone and take those opportunities that God provides. “This is my bold move, what’s yours?”

how do I share?

Go and be disciples of Jesus Christ!

After that, record your story on your phone or video camera, and upload it above. Or contact us to come and record your story for you.

Here are some tips to help you get the best quality video.



First and foremost, hold your device horizontally rather than vertical.


High Resolution

Make sure you use a device capable of either 1080p or 720p resolution.


Good Lighting

Choose a nice, quiet location to record with lots of light.