Terry Henderson

Executive Pastor

"Our Heavenly Father reached down and took my hand

I was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the youngest in a family of nine siblings.

In my spare time, when I wasn’t in school, I was playing sports—lots of sports. And when I wasn’t playing, I was coaching, especially baseball. I am married to my best friend Donna, and have two adult sons and a grandson.

During my early years, I went to Sunday school, but there was no real impact on my soul. However, that all changed one night in November of 2009, on the side of the Bedford Highway; God shifted the whole direction of my life! At that moment it was as if our Heavenly Father reached down and took my hand and said very clearly to me, “I have seen enough of this Terry, you are going to follow me!” Two weeks later I gave my life to Christ. God took my hand that night and has not left me since.

In obedience to God’s desire to follow Him, I registered as a full-time student at Acadia Divinity College in 2012, and in May of 2016 I graduated with my Master of Divinity degree.

Jesus came, He lived, He taught, He reprimanded, He preached, He died, and He rose from the dead. But He also loved, cared for and had compassion for everyone. I pray that in serving God, as well as serving you, you will know that you are cared about and loved. This is why Proverbs 27:19 is one of my favorite verses as it says: “As in water, face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.”—may my heart reflect the love I have for Christ and for you.

I am excited with this opportunity to be your Pastor of Care at StoneRidge Fellowship Church.

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